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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does the money go? Sole Support is a fundraiser for Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon, a local nonprofit providing direct service to patients and families with resources, support, and education. With offices in Beaverton, Bend and Eugene, you can be confident that funds raised remain local for immediate impact here in Oregon and SW Washington. Learn more about PRO at

2. How do I register? Register online @ Or, give us a call and we can help! 800.426.6806

3. How do I join a team? Ask your friends or PRO support group leader if they’ve started a team—if not, suggest one. You’re also invited to join any staff team in your region.  Hint: You can always register as an individual - no team required.

4. Can people from out of town join me virtually? Yes! This format allows 100% inclusive involvement, no matter location.

5. How do I fundraise? We have found the personal approach is most successful with a phone call, email, or even postcard to friends and family. Social media (Facebook/Instagram) is also very successful. Our staff and walk volunteers are full of ideas to help you help us!  Don't be shy to connect. When you are successful, the entire community wins!

6. How do I collect money for fundraising? If your connections are not comfortable with an online donation, we encourage donations be sent direct to PRO - be sure they include your name so we apply it to your efforts. Sending direct to PRO enables us to provide a receipt and thank you in a timely fashion.
CHECK 8880 SW Nimbus Avenue, B Beaverton, OR 97223
CREDIT CARD or 800.426.6806

7. How do I raise awareness? Word of mouth, social media, or one of our fun Sole Struck lawn displays!

8. How do I get my t-shirt when I raise $100? Attend our packet pick-up event or by appointment only at the PRO office. Call Rachel at 800.426.8000 to arrange pick up.

9. How are you going to social distance? PRO is closely adhering to all CDC guidelines. We will update this space as we better understand conditions this fall.

10. Do I need to come to the packet pick-up to walk? You are not required.  We hope to see you, as we miss you too!

11. Are the route locations paved or ADA accessible? All routes are mostly paved with some gravel.

12. Where do I share my pictures and progress? Facebook and/or Instagram, please! Be sure to tag Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon and Sole Support so they pop up in feed or our followers. You might go follow both pages on each FB and IG now so it’s easy to post leading up to and day-of.

13. What hashtags should I use? Hashtags are a great way to raise visibility to the general public. We like to use #Walk4PD #solesupport4PD #solesupport #parkinsonsresources

14. I don’t do social media, how else can I participate? Keep taking those photos and videos! You can email to and we will post them on our channels. Include your name, team, and location so we can include!

15. I don’t know how to start. How can I get help? PRO’s friendly staff are able to get you (your team too!) registered and even provide guidance on fundraising tips. Below are some ideas of how we can help you exceed your Sole Support goals! Just call us at 800.426.6806 or email


Social media is a HUGELY successful tool to fundraising in this format - but it can be confusing. We provided tutorials for utilizing both Facebook and Instagram in the Resources area. We are also happy to assist you over the phone with these platforms. One great tool are the Facebook fundraisers with just one simple click from your friends, plus Facebook covers all processing fees!

Personalized postcards and/or letters have also proven very successful for Sole Support fundraising. We would be happy to work with you on crafting these and even mailing them on your behalf. Please know the information of your contacts is always protected.

Emails allow you to personalize your message and connection to Parkinson’s, while also including a link for your network to easy click with their support! We can help you with the language and even send it through your own walker page.

The blue bag program through Oregon Bottledrop enables fundraising in what we do anyways—recycling! Returnable bottles and cans can go directly to your Sole Support. Call PRO for some blue bags. Get enough for your friends and neighbors!

A 16 ounce water bottle filled with dimes can be worth $100! Check your couch and empty your pockets and a Sole Support t-shirt will be yours in no time!


Have more questions? Please don't hesitate to ask by calling us at 800.426.6806. Thanks so much!