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Safety Information

  • Safe Riding: Safety starts with each of us taking responsibility not only for ourselves but also for our fellow cyclists.
  • Rules of the Road: These are the basic rules that each Cyclist must follow:
  • Make a full Stop at stop signs and appropriate traffic signals
  • Always wear your helmet [properly fit]

Individual Safety:

  • Ride predictably
  • Ride with at least one hand on handle bars at all times
  • Stay alert and assume cars cannot see you
  • Stay hydrated and fueled
  • Do not wear head/earphones while on your bike

Group Safety:  

  • Pass safely [on left/call out/look over shoulder]
  • Ride single file [spacing/lane placement]
  • Use hand signals [turning/slowing/stopping]
  • Call and point out hazards
  • Take care of one another

In case of an EMERGENCY: How to Respond to an Incident In the event of a serious incident, follow these steps: We take safety seriously and ask that you do too. If an accident occurs that needs medical attention, call 911 Immediately Do not move an injured person Direct traffic around the scene Stay until help arrives. Call injured persons ICE contacts.