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Team Captain Greg's Geeks SOLE SUPPORT - PORTLAND

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Thank you for helping me reach my Sole Support fundraising goal! In 2018 I lost my dad due to complications of Parkinson's disease.  PRO staff, programs, and fellow clients became a vital support system and community for him as he navigated this isolating, degenerative disease.

While I will be helping manage this event in Portland, and not walking myself, I'd love for friends and family who knew my dad to walk. or donate, in his honor.  I used to call my dad a "geek" and he used to call me "geekess".  Therefore, join team "Greg's Geeks" and help me raise money and awareness for Parkinson's disease.

Sole Support raises awareness for this disease and the urgency to fund the programs serving 13,000 households in Oregon and SW Washington. This event provides nearly 25% of the financial underpinning necessary for Parkinson’s Resources needs to provide education, support, and wellness classes for our loved ones.

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neuro-degenerative disorder in America, where more than 1,000,000 people live with a diagnosis. Every 9 minutes another is diagnosed. Currently there is no known cause nor cure and both symptoms and disease progression are different for every patient. 

That’s why I’m stepping out on Parkinson’s. I am committed to changing the landscape - bringing help and hope to those living with the disease. I am committed to ensuring no one has to face this disease alone.

Please consider walking with me or making a donation towards my efforts (or BOTH!). $15, $25, $50, or $500, whatever you are able to do!  I've seen how PRO directs their funds to valuable services and encourage you to be as generous as you are able. It is not often we come across the chance to make a large difference in our own backyard – helping our friends and neighbors live well with Parkinson’s.

Until there's a cure, PRO is the community.

Thank you!