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My husband Scot was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's disease at the age of 47. It was totally unexpected and a shock to us. Every day is cherished and we are blessed in so many ways. Good friends, family and loved one's who support us, and cheer Scot on. We are also blessed to have PRO to help us along the way. There is no preparing and no way of knowing how quickly or how severely this disease will affect your ability to function. God willing, Scot will have many, many more years of not needing much assistance. But when that day really comes where he does, I know PRO will be there to help support us. They are a fantastic organization that truly cares about the mission. My mission now is to support them any way I can for all they do for those suffering every day from PD.
Blessings to all! 

Jennie - Team captain

That’s why I’m stepping out on Parkinson’s. 

Until there's a cure, PRO is in the community