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For many years I hid my Parkinson's from friends and loved ones and even family. I have battled this insidious disease for 28 years - 23 of those years after my official diagnosis on August 4, 1997. I was afraid that my Parkinson's would define me, both to myself and to others. I was afraid of receiving patronizing pity or being shunned. I was afraid that people would think less of me. It's a very real fear. It's especially true for those newly diagnosed with a debilitating and publicly visible disease that has no cure and who's only guarantee is that it will get worse. I no longer hide my Parkinson's. I WILL NOT let it define me - to myself or anyone else. And I have become an advocate for helping others and am doing my absolute best to raise awareness and money to aid in the cause of finding a cure AND helping PD people and their families live productive and happy lives.

On October 3rd I will be walking to raise awareness, support, and money at the Sole Support for Parkinson's Walk in Portland, Oregon. For all the details of the WALK click the "Vancouver" tab / link. This is a fundraising event for Parkinson's Resources - a nonprofit that offers community, education, resources, and much more to help families like mine and Jen's (did you hear I married the most wonderful woman?!) live well with Parkinson's. This local support stays in our community and provides critical services, that I am grateful to have access to.

So ... how do you help? 

  • YOU can walk WITH me - it costs nothing to sign up! And I think it would be a-freaking-mazing to have a gigundous team of PDestroyers. We're only going 5K. And we're WALKING - so EVERYONE can do THAT! And (if you know me, you know this to be true) we are gonna have a BLAST doing it. Click the "PDestroyers" link / tab under my name. Then follow the prompts. Takes only 5 minutes or less."
  • NOW that you are walking with me, let YOUR friends know you are walking and why and have them donate to YOUR walk with me. After all, many of YOUR friends are MY friends - and I may not have reached them. And I bet you would be FLOORED by how many people THEY know that are touched by the life-sucking scourge that is Parkinson's. If they donate through the link that this page provides it all goes to Parkinson's Resources of Oregon and gets credited to our team goal. You can set up your own page (REALLY EASY - even I did it in less than 5 min) and use your own "Support Me" button or use the link to this page.
  • INVITE OTHERS to join Team PDestroyers and walk with us and raise $ with us! Then they can also spread the word. I would love to have the largest team in Portland Sole Support for Parkinson's walk history. How FUN would it be to have dozens of us all together! Strength in numbers, baby! Just have them do exactly what you did to join. The website automatically assigns them to our team when they use this link or your page.
  • IF you can't walk with me, you can still make a donation and share on social media! Many people donated as part of the celebration of my recent marriage to the most beautiful bride, Jen. Those contributions are now in our PDestroyers Team Totals. I am so grateful to them and so thankful for their love and support. Any donation - $10, $25, $50, $500, $10,000 (HEY! A guy can dream, right? >grin< I have not because I ask not? >BIGGER grin<) would be awesome. I would be very grateful for whatever you are able to do! I don't know what the largest amount any team has raised here in Portland, but I'd like Team PDestroyers to set that bar. Click the "SUPPORT ME" link / tab under my name and picture!

I've seen how PRO directs their funds to valuable services and encourage you to be as generous as you are able! Also, please know that when you donate to PRO it stays local - supporting programs right here in our community.