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What a year!!!! We have all had a strange and crazy year and we all have stories to share how this pandemic has impacted us. One thing that became evident is how isolated the vulnerable communities became when things shut down, especially the Parkinson's community. We rely on each other for motivation, support, exercise, and mental well-being. When everything shut down, so did we. We secretly rejoiced that we didn't have to be social but then reality hits and you realize how much we lost and how it affected our mental and physical health. 

I quickly found myself without my gym, without my support groups, without my "me" time. I quickly became a teacher on top of being a mom and my 'self-care' went out the window.  PRO stepped up  during these unprecedented times. They quickly adapted to the Zoom world and taught the Parkinson's community how to join. They called everyone (literally everyone in our community) to make sure we were doing good. They put exercise classes, support groups, book clubs, and lectures online. I could access everything I needed from the safety of my home. They helped me to manage my time and priorities, and create a new normal in my house. 

PRO is literally a lifesaver, and we rely on them so much especially when we are faced with something so extreme, like a pandemic. 

Also, this will be my last walk in Bend, as Co-chair of this event I really want to make it the best one ever. So....

Please Step Out with me, and support Parkinson's Resources of Oregon. Join me for the Bend walk on Oct. 10th by joining my team or making a donation. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, 


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