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Welcome to my Sole Support page

Believe it or not, GET GARY is back again for another year of Sole Support for Parkinson's. I'm so humbled that so many of my friends and family have stuck with this journey with me. This year is the 17th Sole Support for Parkinson's walk, and I haven't missed a single one. (Well, except that one year I just couldn't be there and last year was a drive through..)  

Even more remarkable? YOU and me and my wonderful family, together we have raised $85,000+ for local programs and services to help people living with Parkinson's disease right here in the Pacific Northwest.  Thank you. Your support means the world to me.

Please renew your support this year. Call Holly at 800.426.6806 and tell her you want to contribute toward this effort. She can help you right on the phone.  Or, you can click the button below to make a donation right now online. Either way, I'm grateful.

Gary E.


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