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Welcome to my Sole Support walker page. 

You are visiting here because you know me, I sent you the link, and you wanted to see how you could support me.  THANK YOU!

Needless to say, I was shocked when I heard the doctor give me a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. I learned very quickly that one of the ways that so many here in Eugene and throughout the Northwest learn to manage their disease is by finding a community of support at Parkinson's Resources of Oregon. The local Eugene group has been a tremendous source of support for me and Mary Lou. I'm participating in Sole Support because this community is important to our family and thousands of others.

Another one of the reasons I'm helping to raise funds for PRO is that it gives me a small sense of control. I've learned through similar experiences in the past that one of the most difficult things about receiving such a diagnosis is having a feeling of helplessness. I refuse to accept my diagnosis lying down. 

So. How do you help?  Walk with me or make a donation.  $10, $25, $50, or $500, whatever you are able to do!  I've seen how PRO directs their funds to valuable services and encourage you to be as generous as you are able!


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