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Welcome to my 2018 Sole Support walker page

Almost 9 years ago, my wife Margie & I were introduced to an unwelcome life challenge called Parkinson's Disease which she now lives with on a daily basis---as do many others in our region, throughout Oregon and in all of humanity.

So now I have many new hero's in my life---Margie is at the top, but near her are Michael J. Fox, Neil Diamond, Linda Ronstadt, Alan Alda---just to name those you might know with the same diagnosis of PD..  And the list goes on, and on, and on.  Any one with Parkinson's in their lives gets introduced to challenging new life issues.  But they, and we, also discover many cherished friends who are on a similar quest right here in Central Oregon.  They too are my hero's.

Since her diagnosis, Margie and I have been active in growing more support services for Parkinson's patients and families in our region.  But that challenges grows as the disease progresses and new patients are diagnosed..  Parkinson's is a progressive disease and the patient population continues to expand.  

So I am again seeking your involvement and support.  You are visiting here because you know me and know that improving the lives of those living with PD is a high priority to me. THANK YOU!

I'm participating in the Sole Support walk, scheduled as part of the Rotary Duck Race in Drake Park on September 9th, because this community is important to our family and thousands of other facing PD.

So . . . how do you help?  Walk with me or make a donation. $10, $25, $50, or $500, whatever you are able to do!  I've seen how Parkinson's Resources of Oregon directs their funds to valuable services in our region.  So I appeal to you  and encourage you to be as generous as you are able!. Please know that when you donate to PRO it stays local - supporting programs right here in our community---to benefit all the new hero's in our lives.


Jim Lussier

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