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Welcome to my Sole Support walker page

You are visiting here because you know me and know that improving the lives of those living with Parkinson's disease is important to me.  I've been fortunate to have become involved with many groups working on various levels to tackle Parkinson's disease, giving me a bit of an "insiders view" to the state of all things PD. My main take away?  People with PD in the Pacific Northwest are DARN LUCKY to have access to great medical teams and the tireless support of the folks at Parkinson's Resources of Oregon (PRO).

I sent you this link as an invitation to support me in making a positive impact today. For people living with PD here in the NW, PRO is where they turn to gain an understanding of the disease, access an exercise class, seek social services and find their community.  PRO is a non-profit, and needs our contributions to keep their programs and services accessible and affordable for thousands.

 I'm participating in Sole Support because this community is important to our family and thousands of other facing PD. So ... how do you help?  Walk with me or make a donation. $10, $25, $50, or $500, whatever you are able to do!  I've seen how PRO directs their funds to valuable services and encourage you to be as generous as you are able! Also, please know that when you donate to PRO it stays local - supporting programs right here in our community.


Sole Support for Parkinson's - Facebook

Parkinson's Resources of Oregon

Parkinson's Resources - You Tube


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