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Margie received her Parkinson’s Disease (PD) diagnosis just weeks after her 65th birthday.  Her nearly 10 years knowing she has PD have mostly been good ones.  She poured her energy, which until this past year has run high, into bringing services and an office in Bend from Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon.  


She is now experiencing PD progression and her health took a sudden downturn early this year when her sodium dropped to a near life-threatening level which resulted in 12 days at St. Charles. Following her hospitalization, we learned that not only those with PD are at risk: athletes or anyone who works hard in hot conditions, needs to assure that they are getting adequate sodium/electrolytes.  Margie’s brother Steve worked in the oil fields of Montana one summer during his college years and remembers the salt tablets and water bottles that were widely distributed to the workers to prevent the same condition.


Margie is doing better, but we have some major decisions yet to be made about treatment changes she will need to make soon.  We plan to stay in our home, thus the last month or so some minor remodeling of our home has been underway to prepare space for an elevator that we asked be part of the house design…the year before we found out Margie has PD. 


We’d like to ask for your financial support of the Portland-based tiny band of just nine employees (of Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon-PRO) who bring practical information/education/support to patients, those spouses who without warning become care “partners,” in-home caregivers (currently Raquel and Staci for us)…. We are especially grateful that Carol Pfeil was hired two years ago to establish a Bend office East of the Cascades.    


Margie and I invite you to help Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon ensure that “no one has to face this disease alone.  A donation to our team will help us kick Mr. Parkinson’s you know what . . . .”


Jim and Margie Lussier

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