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"I was 33, pregnant with my third baby, and started noticing a twitching sensation in my right toe. I chalked it up to stress and pregnancy.  

A year later I heard the dreaded words, “Its Parkinson’s.” I left the doctor’s office in a fog. I was so lost with absolutely no idea what to do next or where to go. I’ve been on a roller coaster – feeling like I’m never going to be the same person or feel normal again. This is a hard realization.   

Parkinson’s doesn’t care how old you are. It doesn’t care about family history or current health. It just shows up, uninvited and isolating. Parkinson’s Resources ensures no one has to face this disease alone.  

When I was ready to face my new reality I started searching for support groups, blogs, and resources online – so much was remote and sketchy. I came across PRO’s Facebook page and started following their events."  - AMY LAVALLEE

Thanks for joining our team! We are excited to be participating this year and committed to helping do our part to reach GOAL!!  

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