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Once registered, follow these steps to spread the news, recruit walkers, and raise funds!


Personalize your walker/team page! You can upload photos of yourself, your loved ones, or whatever you want to do that makes your story personal and compelling to those in your community. If you're a team captain, you will have two 'walk pages' to personalize - your team page and your personal page. 


Spread the word! Once your page is personalized, reach out to your people! Letters, texts, chat, email, whatever mode of communication works best for YOU and your friends is how you should do it. Sole Support forms for donations and tracking are available by contacting us at


Have fun and fundraise! Many people need to be asked at least three times before they get motivated to make that gift! Each walker that raises $100 will earn this year's Sole Support t-shirt. Additional fundraising levels and incentives are available at $250 and $500.


Prepare yourself for a wonderful day! You don't have to walk the 1k or the 5k to attend Sole Support. So much magic happens on the day of the walk - it's fun just to be there!