Frequently Asked Questions - About Sole Support


1. Is there a fee to register this year?

Happily, NO! We have moved away from registration fees to both be fully inclusive to all interested participants as well as increase the fundraising efforts of our walkers.

2. Since registration is free, do I have to register or can we just show up at a walk?

Day of walkers are always welcome - but signing up does help us plan how many incentives, chairs, bottles of water, goodies, and everything else that goes into planning Sole Support successfully. Please register in advance - there really is no reason not to! 

3. Is there any support for Team Captains on fundraising and recruiting?

Yes! This year are introducing a whole program of support for our Team Captains! You'll notice there is a Captains' Corner tab on this web site. Click there to get some introductory assistance. You'll also find there a Captain's Guide which we've created to provide additional ideas and resource. Last, but certainly not least!, we now have a Captain's Coach. Maria Cura is excited about helping you and your team get the most out of your Sole Support experience. She is a wealth of ideas and information on fundraising, recruitment, and motivating your team. Email her at - she looks forward to hearing from you!  

4. How do I post from my walker page directly to social media, like Facebook?

     1. Black toolbar at the top of the page – go to Welcome, Your Name
     2. Click the dropdown – go to Settings
     3. Screen will say Connect with Social Networks – click the Connect buttons, including Facebook and/or Twitter
     4. Now you’re connected!
     5. Back to the black toolbar at top of screen – click Dashboard
     6. Middle of the page on the right, Ask Friends to Donate – click the social media of your choosing
     7. A window directly to Facebook or other platform should pop up – you don’t need a link, just post right from here!

5. T-shirts - how do I get one? 

There are a variety of incentives and prizes for levels of fundraising, and the most popular one remains our t-shirts! To earn your Step Out on Parkinson's shirt you only need to raise $100!

6. What is the distance of the walks?

We have both 1k and 5k routes. Once those routes have been confirmed we will have maps available online.

7. Are these events family-friendly?

Absolutely! We welcome walkers and guests of all ages, and even have fun activities for our younger participants.

Have more questions? Please don't hesitate to ask by calling us at 800.426.6806. Thanks so much!


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