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We want to support your Sole Support!  Your time is precious, and often limited. PRO understands this and appreciates your intentions to join us in this fight against Parkinson’s. With this in mind we have resources available for you, both electronically and in person.

Below are a handful of ideas and ways we are happy to help! But to make it simple, please feel free to email Rachel Cremean, with any ideas, questions, pleas for assistance.

Resources tab

  • Walker Guide provides fundraising ideas and samples for team members to support their success

  • Walker postcard is available as a template, ready for customizing and mailing

  • Register/donate form for those who prefer to demonstrate their support hard copy

  • Donation tracking form logs the names and individuals of those supporting your efforts with cash/check

  • 6 steps to fundraising

  • 75+ ideas for fundraising projects

  • Sole Support cover photos for your Facebook and other social media platforms

Personal Support

  • Online team and member registration

  • Creating and sending recruitment and fundraising messages on your behalf - confidentiality protected

  • Posting promotion via your social media

  • Promoting your team’s fundraising projects/events on PRO’s social media for increased participation

  • Creation and/or distribution of below collateral options

Customized collateral and promotion

  • Postcards to send your “sphere of influence” - branded with your team info

  • Large standing easel poster, inviting others to join your team

  • Window posters with perforated tabs to be posted in employee lounge, office, or other communal areas

  • 1/3 rack card branded for your team, introducing your effort in support of PRO

* Use leave behind for network meetings!

  • All materials may be sent by either your or PRO, based on your convenience