Welcome to my Sole Support walker page.  

Hello everyone. Thank you very much for logging onto my webpage for Sole Support 2021.  As you all know I have Parkinson’s Disease (PD).  I was diagnosed in April 2014 but I had displayed symptoms for at least two years prior. Last year was particularly difficult for Caryn and I.  We lost four friends to Parkinson’s and we expect to lose more this year.  Believe me when I say, “Parkinson’s Disease is no joke.”  If you don’t take it seriously it will take you. It is an everyday battle to fight against the forces of PD 

Every day I wake up and my body reminds me that Parkinson’s is there. It really started before I woke up, because usually there was a very vivid dream (good or bad) that interrupted my sleep during the night. If I’m lucky I didn’t disturb Caryn by fighting or talking.  When I roll out of bed, I struggle to gain my balance before shuffling to the bathroom.  I look in the mirror and see the “Parkinson’s mask” looking back at me.   I take a deep breath, force a smile and get ready to do battle.  “Game on.  You and me Parkinson’s.” I give myself a fist bump in the mirror and get my medication.  Round one begins.  

Some days I look forward to doing a Tai Chi for Parkinson’s Zoom class.  Other days I have a Parkinson’s dance class to attend via Zoom.  I’m a member of the Destination Rehab Adventure Group with whom I go on nature hikes, kayaking, Ziplining, Alpaca farm trip and much more.  On most weekends I play Table Tennis. I also attend Parkinson’s support group meetings and other Parkinson’s discussions and education programs via Zoom. 

I became aware of all of the above activities because of Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon (PRO).  Without PRO my battle against Parkinson’s could not be fought.  With PRO I have a fighting chance.

Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon is a regional non-profit organization that has been in operation for 38 years with a sole purpose of helping to improve the quality of life for patients, families, and caregivers living with Parkinson’s Disease. Across Oregon and Southwest Washington, Parkinson’s Resources severs more than 11,000 households coping with PD.  There object is to ensure no one faces this debilitating disease alone. 

You can help me, Caryn and many other families struggling with PD by joining our Sole Support Team and walking with us or make a donation Parkinson's Resources of Oregon. 


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