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Welcome to my Sole Support walker page

This picture is from PRO's gala this spring. What an overwhelming show of support I received. But, that was just the beginning of "my team". Now, I need YOU to join us!

It never occurred to me that I would develop Parkinson's disease. It was a shock - to say the least. But, thankfully, very quickly I found PRO.

Thousands of people learn to manage their disease with the help of their "teams", and the community of support that they find through PRO. I'm participating in Sole Support, and asking you to join me, because my PRO community has proved to be very important to me.

Locally, there are about 25,000 people living with Parkinson's. And, that number is growing by over 1000 people every year. PRO currently serves nearly half of those people, and needs your donations to continue their service to this community. Services, which, by the way, are FREE! to those affected by Parkinson's.

When I broke the news of my diagnosis, many of you asked "What can I do to help?"

Well... this is it!

I sent you this link as an invitation to join my team and support me in making a positive impact. You know what that means...

Walk with me!

Make a donation!

Or, both!

Did I mention, make a donation?

 Whatever you are able to do!

I've seen how PRO directs their funds to valuable services, and encourage you to be as generous as you are able! Also, please know that when you donate to PRO it stays local - supporting programs right here in our community.

My background in sales compels me to ask you to GIVE BIG!

But, I know that we all have our own special interests. So, I THANK YOU, in advance for your support - whatever that may be.

And, remember, this is a disease of decades; and, what we achieve today, will be next year's goal!

Be well. Love, Shannon

Sole Support for Parkinson's - Facebook

Parkinson's Resources of Oregon

Parkinson's Resources - You Tube


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